Our interactive eBooks include more to help you immerse yourself into the intricate world of Atha with In-Depth Character Backgrounds, Cultural Histories, Mythologies and more.


Interactive Lore Links: As you journey through the story, discover embedded links that unveil extensive lore about towns, cultures, languages, and people. These links provide a deeper understanding and connection to the Mystic world.

Vivid Imagery: Click a link and be transported to beautifully crafted illustrations, each depicting key locations, characters, and events in stunning detail. These illustrations provide a visual companion to the lore, enriching your reading experience.

Detailed Cultural Expositions: Learn about the diverse cultures within the Mystic universe. Our interactive ebooks offer insights into customs, traditions, and social structures, bringing the world's inhabitants to life.

Comprehensive Language Guides: Explore the unique languages spoken in the Mystic world. Our ebooks include guides and glossaries to help you understand the linguistic intricacies and phrases used in the story.

In-Depth Character Backgrounds: Delve into the histories and motivations of key characters. These detailed profiles add layers of depth to each character, enhancing your connection to their journey.

Expansive Interactive Maps: Navigate the world of Mystic with our interactive maps. Zoom in on locations, trace the characters' paths, and explore regions in detail, making the world feel tangible and real.

Rich Histories and Mythologies: Uncover the myths, legends, and historical events that shape the Mystic realm. These elements are woven seamlessly into the narrative, offering a comprehensive understanding of the world's lore.

Seamless Integration: Our interactive features are designed to complement the narrative seamlessly, ensuring that your immersion in the story is never broken. Engage with the lore at your own pace, enhancing your understanding without disrupting the flow of the story.


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