AJ Jordan, once a leading figure in the real estate industry with over 1,359 property deals and $397.4 million in sales, has successfully transitioned to the literary world. His exceptional performance in real estate, highlighted by a top 200 ranking by Real Trends and a feature in the Wall Street Journal for 317 transactions in 2017, laid the foundation for his new venture.

However, AJ's heart always belonged to literature. Leveraging his real estate achievements, he retired early to chase his dream of writing a fantasy novel series. Founding Brightstone Books, AJ is now committed to transforming the dark fantasy genre and redefining storytelling.

The team at Brightstone Books is creating an immersive experience for their flagship dark fantasy series, Mystic. This includes an audiobook with a full voice cast, an original soundtrack, and atmospheric sound effects. The interactive ebook is being designed with in-depth lore, maps, and engaging imagery, making the reading experience more captivating.

AJ’s vision extends beyond publishing. He aims to leave an enduring legacy in literature, combining his professional expertise and passion for storytelling to make a meaningful mark in the literary world.



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